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Gold and crypto in one smart system.

We at ilgamos believe that every individual in the World has:

  • an inalienable right to life, freedom and financial independence;
  • the right to control all their legally acquired assets fully and freely;
  • the right to create a comfortable lifestyle, enjoy financial security and peace of mind.

When you have gold, you have money

Gold has been synonymous with wealth, power and financial security for thousands of years. Over the last decade smart investors, small and large alike, have turned with renewed attention to physical gold as a safe haven in the midst of economic uncertainties. Gold provides long term protection against inflation and changes in Government attitudes.

As a member of the exclusive ilgamos wealth creation club, you can gradually build your own physical gold reserves. Commit yourself to changing your paper money for gold, from as little as 1 gram at a time. Select one or more of our flexible, „no obligation” gold accumulation programs!

Take the first step by making a down payment for the selected amount of gold. Stick to your commitment, complete your gold savings programs - and we will reward you by returning the down payment you made to you in real, pure gold. Yes, ilgamos refunds the payment you made at the start - if you keep the commitment you made to yourself. You only have to take a decision, not any risk.

Registered Partner Price per gram: €39.9400
Non Partner Retail Price per gram: €52.9400

Digital currency: the money of internet

While gold has been around for thousands of years, digital currrencies are set to change the face of global finance in the future.

Created in 2009, bitcoin was the first digital currency to open an alternative to the system of global payments as we know it. Its rapid success as a decentralized currency has been due to its ability to be sent directly, peer-to-peer, like a text message or an email, to anywhere in the world in an instant at virtually no cost – without intermediaries, banks, clearing houses or central repositories.

Recognizing the need for professional new digital currencies, ilgamos has created ILCoin, the modern, v2.0 alternative to bitcoin, for use by millions of people worldwide. ilgamos now invites individuals to participate in our completely automated ILCoin mining service. You can get started without massive computing power or any prior experience.

Join our exclusive club in building an ILCoin based global economy!

Opportunity overview

ilgamos offers a transparent, sustainable and stable business which is designed for long term prosperity. ilgamos is committed to the continuous development of the model in order to provide all our customers and business partners with a growing range of benefits and services.

The market success of ilgamos is determined by the bottom line: how well its products and services are received, how fast and how big its client base is growing. Ilgamos rewards its affiliate partners for introducing new clients who are motivated to build up their own gold reserves utilizing the unique benefits of our gold accumulation programs and also to profit from the digital currency revolution.

It makes no difference whether you want to just use the ilgamos system to build your gold reserves, exploit the ILCoin opportunity, make a little cash part time or develop a full time career and earn big money. You are at the right place at the right time, with the right people and the right system in the background.

The company

ilgamos is a group of young, dynamic and innovative marketing companies established in the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Hong Kong. ilgamos is the first global network marketing system offering easy, flexible ways to millions of people worldwide to build their gold reserves with a money back guarantee - and, at the same time, inviting them to participate in the exciting digital currency revolution.

The founders

Geza KAPITANY Geza KAPITANY (63), CEO: Over the past 35 years, Geza has built up an invaluable international business experience in top managment positions with several international corporations. He has successfully developed companies in various multi-billion dollar industries (oil and gas, telecommunications, renewableener gies and, more recently, precious metals) in Russia, Germany and the Middle East. His passion is leadership – he guides all members of this ilgamos organisation with wisdom and foresight. He is married with one daughter.

Tamas GODO Tamas GODO (46): Tamas brings 20 years of top corporate management experience to ilgamos. He was the co-founder and the CEO of one of the largest MLM companies in Central Europe. He is a frequent lecturer at network marketing industry forums and has been a consultant to several network marketing companies. His extensive network of international contacts is a major asset of ilgamos today. He is responsible for the smooth behind-the-scenes operation of ilgamos, as a business system. He is married with 3 children.

Viktor Tamas HAVASY Viktor Tamas HAVASY (58): Originally an economist, finance reporter and investment advisor in Sydney, Australia, Viktor chose freedom over climbing the corporate ladder. In 1995 started his network marketing business where he built an organi sation of approx 25,000 members internationally. As a frequent presenter at industry meetings, he has travelled extensively training people in over 25 countries. He has launched and sold various businesses over the years. As a successful team builder, he is excited to assist the company and its partners with training programs and strategies, sales promotion – and most impor tantly, with energy and enthusiasm. He is married with a daughter.


ilgamos provides an avenue for individuals and families around the world to increase their financial security by accumulating their own gold reserves and, if they wish, to take their potential profits from the digital currency revolution. ilgamos sells different gold accumulation programs carrying a money back guarantee - providing our clients complete these programs and purchase the amount of gold they selected over any period of time.

Pack Price OPR
Entry €45
+€15 one time setup fee
Basic €125 110
Medium €515 500
Business €1 295 800
Smart €5 000 4 000
Pack OPR Allocation Advan-
Entry 1st mini-
Basic general
Medium 2nd inter-
Business 3rd high
Smart 4th extra

Gold Credit Program

Pack Gold Purchase
Entry €1 000
+€15 one time setup fee
Basic €3 000
Medium €13 000
Business €35 000
Smart €100 000
Pack Details
Entry If you buy gold for € 1 000 in 28 days from purchase of the pack you will activate your € 45 gold credit.
Basic If you buy gold for additional € 3 000 in 84 days from purchase of the pack you will activate your € 125 gold credit.
Medium If you buy gold for additional € 13 000 anytime you will activate your € 515 gold credit.
Business If you buy gold for additional € 35 000 anytime you will activate your € 1 295 gold credit.
Smart If you buy gold for additional € 100 000 anytime you will activate your € 5 000 gold credit.

Buy gold and get your down payment back in physical gold!

Joining ilgamos will give you the right to purchase physical „good delivery” gold through our system any time at our special discount prices and have such gold home delivered immediately or stored at no cost.

For details have a look at the tables above.

Join our exclusive club in building an ILCoin based global economy!


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